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The last day in Lisboa!

The day started with me being woken up at six o´clock, one hour before the rest had to wake up. The reason for it was that I had to set the breakfest for everyone and take care of the kitchen.

It was not really my turn to help the chefs but I had to helpt them anyway as we had som cases of illness in the watch. After I had eataten my breakfeast, washed the dishes and removed the remains I went to bed again as I had not slept enough during the last nights. 

Actually, we would have left Lisbon to sail to the Azores on Tuesday, but we were prevented when the engine got salt water in it. Both mechanics and motor harnesses have had to be flown in from different countries. The problem seems to have finally been repaired after 4 extra days in port. At 4 in the afternoon we left the quay for a short while for a test run of the engine and it seems that this will be our last day in Lisbon. Tomorrow we go on our first sea leg towards the Azores and  I am extremely excited to get out to sea.

Lisbon is one of the nicest cities I have been to and I really think it has been lucky that we are stuck in a bigger city where you can explore many and very different things, when you are tired of all the walking around in Lisbon and studying of the culture with the butiful colourful houses you can go shopping or take a day at the beach if you would like .

We all students have really enjoyed being here but are now longing to continue our first trip together!

Vendela, starboard watch


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