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The last day in Miami

This wonderful day started like any other day on Gunilla when we are not at sea. Everybody woke up at seven o’clock and then we had breakfast together. At 07:55, everyone stood quiet on main deck and waited for the clock to turn 08:00.

After that, our daily morning meeting began. When we were done, some people from Midships and Portside went to the bus stop. After some days in Miami, we know how the bus communication works and therefore it was quite easy to get to Miami Beach. At the beginning we were a group of almost twenty people, so we occupied almost the entire bus. Before going to the beach, we stopped by a store to buy some fruit, snacks and drinks. Once we got to the beach, we enjoyed the clear blue sky, the bright sun and the green blue ocean. Imagine the temperature on a hot summer day in Sweden. That’s how warm the ocean was.

Me and my friend Julia took a walk along the beach and looked for different marine organisms for our marine biology assignment. We found three kinds of seaweed and hopefully we can specify the species. I did also interview the locals and I am very surprised by how open and welcoming they are to tourists like us. I actually ended up talking to a couple for almost an hour. It all started with me asking some questions for my religion assignment, but shortly after that we talked about all sorts of stuff. We exchanged email adresses and hopefully, they will visit Sweden some time!

Around two a ‘clock, we decided to leave the beach and eat lunch. We split up in smaller groups and planned to meet up later. Me and 6 others found a nice Italian restaurant at the Collin Street in Miami Beach. Because we got access to the restaurant’s Wi-Fi, we sat there for quite some time. But after an hour or two, we took the bus home.

We arrived at Gunilla right in time for the dinner, which was fried fish with potatoes and a tasty sauce I don’t know the name of. When we were done eating, me and five others left the boat again. We walked across the street and bought some fruit and popcorn for the upcoming sailing days. By the time we got back, our DOS KiKi was preparing a movie for all the students. The Chef Lill­‑Britt offered popcorn, chips and juice. We watched a film called 12 Years of Slave and it was really good. It was about the slavery in America during the 1840’s and how people got kidnaped and sold as slaves. I really recommend it!

Tomorrow at 06:00, we are setting sails towards Charleston. I am very excited to start sailing and can’t wait to sail our way to Charleston. The Captain Torben said that it looks like we are getting good sailing winds. Still, would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the wind and the waves. I don’t know if I will get seasick, and if so, how bad it is going to get. But one thing that I certainly know for sure, is that this last day in Miami could not have been any better!

Kind regards,

Malin Moqvist, Portside


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