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 The last Day on Grenada

Today was our last day here on the beautiful island Grenada in south Caribbean. Since the church visit is moved to Sunday morning before we are supposed to leave the harbor, portwatch had an extra hole day in the city. And it was used very well.

The day started as always at harbor when we were woken up at 07.00 for breakfast and then at 08.00 we gathered on maindeck where info was giving about today. For portwatch the agenda of today was that the hole day was off for studies and offwatch. Me, Julia H, Mira and Tilda Å went almost straight to an internetcafé with an amazing view over the water and the city. Because the clock was around 09.00 I ordered a “fruit delight” which included mixed fruits such as banana, melon, grapefruit and orange. It was wonderful and after we had called our parents and chatted with our friends for two hours, we paid and carried on with our day. Our next stop, the spice market. The spice market is a small market near Gunilla which has spices such as nut meg (a spice Grenada is mass-producing and they are famous for), cinnamon and mazes. Many locals are barbecuing fish and meat that you can buy for a cheap penny. But what you can see the most are souvenirs such as bracelets, t-shirts and Grenadian candles. After a successful trip to the spice market and being a few dollars broker than before it was almost time for lunch. Ofcourse we had to go the extra way just to get to the pizza hut. Me and Julia shared a medium Hawaii pizza and drank soda. The taste of pizza after almost a month without it was indescribable and you could almost taste the Swedish pizza thru this one. And in some weird way I felt like home. I have found Grenada and even if we have just been here for about 6 days I feel so happy and peaceful.

So after the wonderful pizza we jumped on a van, taking us to the nearest beach. A few days ago I had been there in the nighttime swimming under the bright moon and all the stars, then I could only imagine how beautiful it would be in the daytime. So when we got there and I looked over the beach, kids playing in the water and the sand so soft and white I was chocked about how beautiful it really was. But because some in our small group just made tattoos which are not supposed to be dipped in salty water we did not go for a swim. What we did though was that we worked on the final bit for our English school-project called “students of the Caribbean” where we are supposed to make a film showing different sports made on the beach by other students. And when we had the final material for that we got in a new van, taking us back to Gunilla where the food was soon to be ready. For today’s dinner was grilled chicken and a potatosalad whit curry, it might sound delicious and let me tell you that it was. As the sun went down, we ate on deck watching the city getting darker.

After an exhausting day exploring the last bit of Grenada our group stayed in after the dinner just chilling and eating some candy that we bought yesterday in a supermarket. When I wake up tomorrow we will make a five day trip over to the Dominican Republic and I am actually exited !

Kind regards, Ellen Götsten Portwatch


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