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The last day on the Azores

I woke up on the last day on the Azores, I was tired and felt like I could sleep a little bit more. It was just to go up for breakfast at 7.

After mustering we chilled out for a bit and the others rested untill
lunch but Ludvig and I went shopping groceries for the 12 coming days at
sea. When we came back to the boat it was time for lunch and it was
“Restfest”. When the food was down and we were ready we went out to
explore the last of the island of Faial and we also had some ice cream.
When it was time for dinner we had a table reserved at a restaurant
where you coock your food on lava stones. You could chose betwen sea
food, fish, meat and a combo between it all. I chose the Mixer Especial
with Shrimp, Limpets, Tuna, Squid, Swordfish, Triggerfich, Filet Mignon,
Pork Tenderlioin and Chicken fillet. It was a special experience to
coock your own food on lava stones and eat food i have never tried
before but it tasted very good and thats something I am going to
remember a long time in the future. On the way home i posted my
postcards and chilled on the boat untill it was time to sleep.

//Viktor Nilsson


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