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The last fieldtrip

Today was the last fieldtrip for SA1821 and it did not disappoint. The day was full of wonderful nature, a refreshing bath stop and a hike on the beautiful island Madeira.

The day started in the best possible way, with Sunday-breakfast. There was bacon and scrambled eggs. I was very full when the bus left the harbor at 9 o’clock for our fieldtrip around Madeira.

The trip had multiple stops during the day and the first was at a church with a beautiful view. The guide was very helpful and spoke to us about the history around the stops and places we drove by.

When the clock turned 10:00 my stomach began missing the regular 10 o’clock “fika”. Luckily for all of us we stopped high over the clouds where there was a café that served coffee, sandwiches and cookies.

Before lunch we went on a walk beside the Levadas, Madeira’s water system that runs through the whole island. The trees were surrounding us and it felt almost like walking in a jungle. At the end of the hike we found a lookout spot over the high mountains and it felt like the end of the earth, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

We got to the small village of Santana which had contained their houses from the 1500 hundreds. They were just a little bit bigger than my room on Gunilla and now had shops in them for the tourists.

The best stop of them all was the last one. Even if the other stops had beautiful views that you could not understand existed in real life a bathing stop always comes in top. The guide told us that the sand was imported from the Sahara Desert which explained why one side had white sand and the other had black lava stones.

This was the last fieldtrip and we got to use our piké shirts for the last time since we are heading back home in a few days. The day was truly the end of an era and it could not have ended better.

Ellen Götsten, Starboard


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