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The last normal day

When waking up on the 8th of November I can feel the tension and sadness knowing the voyage is soon to come to an end.

My feelings are as mixt as never before, I really want to stay and even the most boring or hard work like tar in the rig seems better than having to go home to Sweden again. However, most of my life is back home with my family and friends. I have responsibilities and everyday life there too and it´s an insurance knowing how your day will go, and on Gunilla you never know.

Today is our last what called normal day, tomorrow we will be working in shifts, pending between free time, packing and working, and then having a goodbye party in the evening. After that, we only have cleaning, and the day we plan on leaving for Sweden left. Anyways we start our day with yoga on the foredeck with your DOS in charge. In my opinion, a perfect start to the day especially after having two night watches and still being too tired to fully start the day. After getting a bit clearer minded and awake we decided to stay another hour on the boat before going to the beach. So, me and my friend pulled out our computers and sat on the foredeck getting some last-minute assignments done. It actually was a great and productive study time, and I got a lot of good work done. But we can´t stay around studying all day, so right before 11 we went down to our cabins to wash our faces and pack our beach bags.

At the beach we meet up with a few other of our classmates who had already gotten a tan line, the sun was strong, the waves high and the mood amazing. We spend most of our day at the beach peddling between chatting, reading, and swimming. But after a few hours, we got restless and decided to make our way into the center to see if we could get some last-minute shopping done. Later that early evening we meet up with a few friends that had spent the whole day at the beach and together we made our way through town, sucking up every last minute of our last normal day and then we headed back to the boat. Back at the boat, we made some dinner in form of tortillas with mostly cheese on them. We sat there me and three of my closest friends, eating laughing, playing guitar, and singing until we were all too tired to continue. Surrounded by people I like on a boat in Las Palmas knowing we sailed there together is something so amazing yet so crazy I don’t know how to describe it. I loved every minute of that day, that week, and the whole trip. It was a perfect last day with everything you could wish for.

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