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The last sea leg

There have been good times and there have been bad times on this boat. So far, this sea leg has been a good.

There has been a slight breeze and lots of warming sun. Compared to our last sea leg, wihch came like a shock to all of us with its big waves and a non working air condition, this sea leg feels kind of magic and as a perfect end to our trip. When some people from my watch spent some time to catch some sun on the forecastle, one person said ”someone knew what we needed, because we deserve this as our last sea leg”

The knowlege that this is our last sea leg is constantly reminding us and it makes the good things even better and the bad things a little bit easier to handle. When I climb up to the top of the mast, or spend my free time on the forecastle I try to enjoy the time as much as possible. But when I get woken up at 03:30 in the morning to have the watch, or when we need to clean the deck, I remind myself of the fact that I can count how many times there are left for me to do those things on my hands.

The time we have left on this boat is worth much and important to spennd well. I think most of us are a bit tired of the boat and all the things we must do. But at the same time I think that when we have arrrived to Sweden and spent one week at home, the only thing we will want is to come back to our beloved boat.

Maja O, Starboard watch


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