Öckerö gymnasium

The last swim stop

The day started off with risotto and chicken legs for lunch which tasted amazing. Later it was time for watch. I was lookout which I usually don’t like because of bordom but today it wasn’t too bad. The working staff was working hard the hole watch in the burning sun while I stood in the shadow and daydreamed or talked to the lovely people that was on there free watch.

Also we turned back the clock an hour so our shift was going to be an hour longer than usual. Although we stopped for the last swim stop on this trip which took about an hour so it didn’t make much of a differens. The water was clear blue and all still and warm. 30 minuts earlier I saw a two meter long shark when I stood lookout so there were many nervous people splashing in the water scared of getting attacked. The swim stop was a hit though. I’m impressed over how many people that can make tricks and flip front and back and make turns like crazy.

We got done with the shift and the lessons started soon after. The assignments are going slow which makes me a little stressed out but hopefully I will get done in time. After the lessons were over we watched a movie that we started on yesterday. We even started on another movie that we will finish tomorrow because we hade to stop watching do to watch.

Ebba Våring


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