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The last two days

Today is Tuesday which means that there are only 2 days or less than 48h (we have started to count the hours:) ) left on our first trip on Gunilla. The task today is to pack all of our stuff and to do some work,mostly in the rigg.

While half of the students have started to pack, myself and the rest of
the half have been working with other things. The first thing I had to
do was to do the inventory in cabin 13. I take for granted that most of
you reading this does not know that there is only 12 cabins in the
student corridor. So cabin 13 is actually not a cabin, it is actually a
storage room in the big mess were they just throw in the most random
stuff. We found things like sails, a grill, a surfboard and a christmas
tree, which in my opinion is quite odd objects to put in a storage room

After that was done got asked to take down the mizzen sail, because
everyone is workning on takning down most of the sails so they can be
fixed. To take down the sail me and a watchleader had to climb out on
the mizzen fork. When we were standing on deck it looked alot easier
than it was because the fork looked like it wasn’t as tilted as it
acually was. On the gaffel there are no place to secure yourself, so we
had to come up with a smart idea so that we would´t fall down. The
watchleader climbed to the tip of the fork while I stayed in the middle,
because to be honest it was very scary because when I sat down I started
to slide down and there were no place to put my feet to cling on to it.
But we suceeded to remove the rope attaching the sail to the gaffel
without falling down.

Soon it´s my turn to pack all my stuff, wish me luck because i have a

Tilda Eriksson, NAS2326, midships


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