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The Last Watch With Amidships

Everyone hurried upstairs. The sound from the spinning blades was deafening. The helicopter was so close that I thought it would shop of the mizzenmast. A woman in the helicopter waved and then she threw herself out.

After Moa came in to our cabin 7 o’clock this morning and woke us up, I felt dizzy and very sleepy. I stuck to my bed as long as I could, but then I reminded myself of how important breakfast is to eat before watch. I dragged myself out of my cosy bed and put some warm clothes on. The boat was tipping from side to side. It felt a bit strange since we were standing completely still when I got to bed, still at la Gomera. Rasmus were backis today and when I came in to the “lilla mässen”, he asked me if I wanted oatmeal which I did. We also got tortillas for breakfast which was really nice.

Since Moa told us that the weather was cold and windy, we all wore our sailing racks when we sat our feet on deck. The sun was just about to show above the horizon. On port side you could see Teneriffa with Teide all covered in snow. Well on our watch we got to set some sails which were real fun. I think it’s a lot more fun to set the sails than to salvage the sails. It can be quite heavy. We also saw a dolphin playing in the waves. Time flies when you have fun. Before we knew it our last day watch at sea were over, at least for this trip.

When we had ate a nice pasta salad with curry dressing for lunch we went to the front deck so we could enjoy the sun. Many of us where tired and fell asleep on the warm, dark wood. When I woke up almost everyone were gone. I wrapped up my stuff and went downstairs. Anna told me that I had got some colour from the sun. It turned out that I had slept a bit too long on one side, because half of my face was red.

After dinner I decided to study. It was really necessary because I haven’t prioritized quite as much as I should have. In the middle of an assignment Esther said that she heard someone talk about a helicopter on deck. We sure got curious and went upstairs to have a look. Rasmus told us that it was the coast guard who practiced rescuing at sea. Gunilla was just helping. First they let down one of the people in the helicopter, all the way to Gunilla’s deck. Then came a basket and a life size puppet. Then they did it all backwards. Many of our eyes caught the show which was quite fun to watch.

When it was time to have our last watch at night we wanted to do something special. Lovisa had come up with the idea to eat fika in the rig. The eight of us in the workforce stood tight to each other on the platform. We got “fattiga riddare” which was delicious.

It was a bit sad when our watch was over. For the last time I took of all my warm clothes. This trip has been amazing and I’m going to miss being a part of amidships. It was the last thing I thought before I fell asleep.

Olivia SAS2023



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