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The Life Aquatic with Siggan on October 13th

When Ida reported the previous happenings to me on the morning of the thirteenth, she told me she’d seen multiple dolphins during her watch. I took over her post as lookout and started doing what I was supposed to do, which of course is looking. Watching the nearby waters for buoys, searching the horizon for even the smallest bump interrupting the smooth line of sea meeting sky.

After a while I noticed white splashes appearing continuously far away on the water. They got closer and I saw dark fins cut the water’s surface, causing the white splashes. Soon enough the beautiful animals were just below me, circling the boat like they usually do. Dolphins are the lookout’s best friends. They make the usual thirty minutes of loneliness and silence to a half hour of happiness.

At first there were just a few dolphins, and they started making loud squeals. I’ve never heard dolphin song so clearly before. I guess they must’ve been calling on their friends and family, because more white splashes started making their way towards the boat. Dolphins filled the water, birds filled the air, and sometimes they swapped place by taking a dive or a jump. I think that eventually there were about a hundred seabirds and at least fifteen dolphins. I guess the water was filled with fish.

After watch and lunch, when it was time for school, we did KiKi’s quiz about Lisbon. Port quizzes are always fun, especially discussing the tiebreakers which this time was How many kilometers did KiKi walk in Lisbon in total? The quiz didn’t take much time and since the weather was warm and sunny, Agnes and I went out on deck to read Le petit prince. Reading this book in french is a very slow process, but I actually felt we were faster this time than we’ve been before. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve got into the writing style and developed our understanding, or because we skipped looking up many of the words we didn’t know. It’s probably a combination, and although we don’t understand every sentence perfectly I feel we are getting the important parts, and that’s what matters most. After finishing the chapter we might have taken a little nap in the sun before going back in for a short podcast meeting with Leo. We haven’t collected a lot of information or started recording anything for our podcast yet, but it feels good to have a plan.

After having some delicious banana ice cream for fika, it was time for the weekly big crew meeting. There we were asked if we wanted to have a movie night, to which we chanted “Yes!”, and if we wanted to watch Life Aquatic, to which we also chanted “Yes!”, however I just went with the crowd because I’m always here for having a movie night on the monkey sail or the jib, but after a few seconds I realised the proposed film was one of my favorite movies I’ve seen this year: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Most often being post on a movie night means you’re unlucky, since you can impossibly see or hear well from all three post spots. But since I’d already watched this film I didn’t mind being post because I could come and go and enjoy the parts I could see without worrying about missing something. It was an easy night at the rudder which meant you could steer and watch the movie at the same time. In the latter part of the film the work force had to paus and change the sheets of the staysails from starboard to port. This caused a small delay, so I returned to the rudder in time to watch the ending scene, which is my favorite scene of the film. While steering under the starlit sky I watched Team Zissou gliding through the dark water, looking out the windows of their submarine to finally see the jaguar shark, all to the beautiful tunes of Sigur Rós.

Sigrid Rocksén Revelj


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