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The lost sailor

This is our third day at sea and we are now on our way to the Azores from Bermuda. Everyone is starting to get used to the life at sea. We know all the routines now. When it is time to wake up, when to eat, when to study and even when it is most suiting to visit the restrooms. 

This is our third day at sea from Bermuda. We are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean for many weeks now with only one stop at the Azores. Even though it sounds quite disturbing and crazy it actually feels okay. All of us have gotten used to all the routines now, when we work, when we eat and when we sleep.
The wind did start getting stronger today and that is fine, it feels god to sail in good speeds in the right direction. We just hope that it doesn’t bring a lot of waves with it. If it does, all of our work gets much harder. Today for example we worked a lot with controls in the rig. With the waves it would have taken our whole shift instead of just two hours.
From the rig I heard my friend shout from her position as look out. I looked down and saw her pointing at something in the water. After a few seconds I saw what it was, it was a bottle. She shouted “A bottle message!”. It is too bad that we didn’t have a chance to pick up the bottle. Bottle messages are something that I always found very fascinating in my child hood. What if this bottle message was from a sailor lost at sea or maybe from a pirate 200 years ago who got left at a deserted island. No, I know that it isn’t that likely, it was probably from a child at Bermuda but you never know!




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