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The missing harness

Hello people!

This day started with our my watch’s nightshift, 00.00am-04.00am. I had the honour to be rondman, the man that checks the machinery and the order onboard and also wakes up the next watchgroup in time for their shift.

Although the day didn’t start of so well. When I got up from bed and prepared for my shift I saw that, for some reason, my harness wasn’t in my closet anymore. It’s a strange thing that stuff just disapears but on Gunilla, it isn\t uncommon. At one moment your belongings are at one place and the next their gone. Almost magical. But usually they end up in the Lost and found box but my situation wasn’t that easy. So beside going on the regular rounds every hour I spent my time looking for the harness and it didn’t go to well. So I went to sleep before our next shift starts, thinking that when the light comes back the harness will too.

The 12-4 watch is kind of strange as it messes with your ability to estimate time. You sleep until around 11 o’clock and then you eat breakfast right before your watchhours begin at 12 o’clock. Your whole day is practically moved forward so that when you think it’s in the middle of the day, it’s actually late in the afternoon. Although I appreciate the experience you get out of this.

Well, back to the mystery of my missing harness. I started searching the boat again with the sun as my help this time. I didn't find it. But then later in the afternoon I hear from a comrade that he's seen my harness in his cabin, for some strange reason. So I go to the cabin for a quick look. And there it is, hanging on one of their hooks. The question is though, how did it end up there? The people living in the cabin didn't know. So from my closet to a cabin in the other side of the ship. Funny how the mystery of Gunilla and the disappearing belongings confuses us all.

Gustav Rolandsson

Amidships watch


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