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The old captain is speaking

I could barely hear anything but the wind, I was cold and tired and the one thing that haunted my mind, just like he haunts the boat, was Måns.

We are on our way to La Gomera and i stood post today, you don’t do very much even if you are very important, every thirty minutes you change between steering, be lifeguard and lookout. It may sound boring but I actually kind of like it. You get time to think about things and you get the alonetime you never get on this boat. Even if it’s funnier to be in the workforce it’s kind of amusing to watch them when they wear funny clothes to go up in the rig to do maintenance work.

Sometimes it’s not very good to have just yourself and your thoughts, because then you start to overthink. Earlier during the day we had told eachother scary stories. One of the stories was about an old captain on Gunilla named Måns and that he is still haunting the boat. When I stood lookout alone in the front of the boat I was convinced that I wasn’t just alone, it felt like Måns was behind me in the dark. The creaking sounds from the rig and the wind didn’t made it any better. The time went past in slow motion. But after a while I got used to standing there and I wasn’t afraid of Måns anymore. I started to think about other things instead that made me forget about the scary things. The time started to fly away while i looked at the endless ocean. All of a sudden a hear the bell from the back of the boat which means that the thirty minutes are over. I rang the bell and Julia came to take over. I survived.

Anna Westin, 30 January


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