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There is nothing to worry about

I dragged my body out of bed, and looked at the clock, 6:00 am. I so badly wanted to go back to sleep but today it was my time and two other to fix the breakfast. So I put my hair up in a messy bun and put some work clothes on. Time went by unexpected fast and I slipped out deck for our usual morning line up.

Our third day in Grenada, although, the view from the boat is so good as it was every day. I would describe it as a rainforest landscape bombinated with an society. Its really astounding.

To visit two schools was on the schedule. We had to cover our knees and shoulder, so we did. I won’t lie, it was a sweaty day. it have to cover your knees and shoulder, I won’t lie it was really sweaty. Therefore, half class went to see the GBSS, a boy school located in the middle of st George, nearby the ocean. Vice principal showed us around and after we interviewed a group of boys about an assignment in history and religion. Afterward we went to Anglican High School, a girl school. Both school were very easy to talk to and we had great of fun.

At one o’clock both schools came to visit us. We showed them around on Gunilla, and offer them some cinnamon buns. It’s a Swedish bakery with cinnamon, sugar and butter inside. A pupil from the school said it was one of the most delicious bakery they had ate. I couldn’t agree more.

They leaved at tree o’clock, so a couple friends and I decided to go diving tumbling. Ten of us in a mini bus, driving so fast I don’t know if the driver think he is immortal but poorly they don’t have 7 life’s as cats so they should try to drive a little slower. Just to try something new J. Unfortunately after one-hour driving, they were closed, so we went back with the bus to st George. However, there I bought 6 sunripe mangos for 2 UK dollar. Back home you maybe get one mango for the same price.

The day ended with me and some friends eating bunch of Oreo ice cream and mango. It was delicious and so comfy to just chill and talk with another. Aren’t days past by very fast here? That’s a shame, cause I love being in Grenada. Friendly and nice people, the sol ripe fruit and the gorgeous nature. So family back home, there is no need to worry. Another lovely day in Grenada ends with a good night sleep.


Alicia Brandt


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