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The revisit to Bayeux

We woke up this morning hoping to leave the harbor in the small and sleepy town named Cherbourg, where we unexpectedly stopped to wait out some bad weather on Biscaya. But later we got informed that we’re not leaving until tomorrow, which gave us a lot of free time on our hands. Since Cherbourg is such a small town we wanted to leave and came up with the idea of revisiting a town named Bayeux.

Yesterday the class went on a school trip visiting the graveyards of soldiers fighting in world war two, which was very touching, but before that we visited the small town named Bayeux. The city didn’t have a lot to offer, though in comparison to Cherbourg, where we had spent the entire day before, it was a small paradise. Our teacher had planned the visit to Bayeux so that we would get a chance to see the famous tapestry of the battle of Hastings, although the town was far more amusing with its little cafés and small shops. I certainly wasn’t alone with wanting more time in this small town, therefore me and two friends took the train this morning to revisit.

As I said the town didn’t have a lot to offer, but we still enjoyed ourselves. If I remember correctly we treated ourselves with a total of three “fikas” (coffee and cake) throughout the day. But one the best thing with leaving Cherbourg was that we in Bayeux, had the whole town to ourselves, besides the locals. In the town we didn’t just “fika”, we also bought some fresh fruits as snacks for the upcoming days at sea and payed a visit to a lot of the small boutiques.

To top of the day we bought a baguette, some cheese and some figs, sat down in a park and ate while the sun slowly went don behind the clouds.

Esmeralda Frejd


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