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The rope-hunt


Today was the third day of our sail to Cape Verde from Las Palmas. The weather had been the same for the last few days, sunny with no wind, but todays weather was different. It was more windy, which meant more waves.

The day started with lunch, or breakfast for me. When we all were full, it was time for watch. My watch started at twelve O’clock and ended at four. The group that had watch before us had two squalls, which is a quick storm, but we didn’t get any. Even though there was a great risk of one coming. We all got different tasks on todays watch. Me and Nell got the task to go and look for a special rope. It felt like we searched over the whole boat. And when we finally found it, it was in a space under the foot board in the great mess (the place where we eat). The space was really small so Nell was forced to laying down and crawl to get the rope. After our little rope-safari, it was time for some maintenance work. I got the mission to scratch the pin-rail (the bench where we keep all the ropes to the sail), it was kind of satisfying. After our watch we had some lessons, history and language. The dinner was fish and potatoes, simple but very delicious. It makes me think of the lovely west coast back in Sweden!

All in all the day has been good and educational, thank you for reading!

By: Frida Nilsson



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