Öckerö gymnasium

The second day of the apocalypse

February 28, Thursday - 26 people left

No more people have fallen. We’re still standing strong, especially us in portside guard. We’ve survived another night. The infected ones are starting to feel better, but we are not taking any risks. More and more of them are getting out of the quarantine, thinking that they are not infectious anymore. We survivors are smart enough to keep our distance, but it’s getting harder and harder to survive the more they get.

As if that weren’t enough, they have started to intrude our territory. The Free State, the little mäss and OUR toilettes are no longer safe zones. We have to watch our every step and most of all we have to be careful where we put our hands. Every time we touch something, or dare I say it; someone, we go straight to the tap to cleanse our hands from this infection. The situation is critical. We might not make it.

My mission today has been to disinfect every single thing that the infected could’ve touched here on the boat. Every hour I had to go over everything all over again, because the infected never rests, and neither will I. The most important part of my mission was to disinfect the toilets, even the infected toilets. Oh, the horrors I have witnessed… if you only knew.

To end on a positive note; we’ve had no more infections since yesterday, so it feels safe to say that we are going to make it all that way to Belize. Hopefully all of this will be over soon and everything will go back to normal.

Over and out,

Ella Sjöstrand, Portside


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