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The seven seas

The large waves threw the ship back and fourth, the only light source in the dark nights of the Atlantic is the moon. The storm was getting worse and the captain pressed the alarm button to wake the crew up, this was only the beginning of a wild ride in the storms of the seven seas.

We were told to take down two sails because the storm were about to take them down by itself. Me and one of the other in our watch got the mission to furl the “Bram” sail. We had to climb the ladder up to the top of Gunilla while the six meter high waves were floating the deck with water. We started from the middle to furl the sail while the sail whipped us in the head, you had to focus to be able to fold the sail while being thrown from side to side. We finally managed to furl the bram sail the whole way and we started to climb our way down to deck. At some point of the climbing you had to stop to wait out a big wave or two. I reached for the lowest point on the ladder to get down to deck when a huge wave flew over me, I got completely soaked by the wave. The next thing I knew where to climb up again to furl the next sail that been coughed by the storm that we were in the middle of. When we were done with furling this sail and I were on my way down on the ladder I saw something shinny passing by my head. It was apparently my friends knife, that had gotten stuck on a rope. I had to secure the knife so that nobody on the deck got heart. The knife could have fallen down and hit somebody straight in the head.

This was one of the most chaotic nights that I’ve experienced on the ship so far. But I’ve now learned that you’ve got to take storms seriously since you can get hurt quite badly if something goes wrong.

Anton Wilén NAS2023


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