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The South of Spain

As the day goes by like the wind, Gunilla unlike the sea today is full of life. You can tell by the shores that departure is right around the corner and the quite pleasant sailing has been replaced by almost constant cleaning and checking inventory.

The rumbling roars of the engines have made its presence all day. The dry but pleasant breakfast in the morning before duty is a must, even tho I spent the entire four hours in the kitchen. I do everything with a smile when it comes to food, I believe it raises morale and keeps my fellow students motivated. It not particularly difficult to work in the kitchen. Most of the time the chefs are there to complain or make food, not that they complain so much but in comparison to me and my companion in the kitchen today, also known as Birre. We serve breakfast for the ones going of guard and the especially important second breakfast for those who work and those who is not sleeping. Witch is non because if you do not work you will most likely sleep. The lunch is like a strategy of war with the different battalions coming in waves craving food and drinks in all its variations. Today was particularly simple because of that almost everybody and ever diet can eat carrot soup. With a majority of Gunillas population feed, we leave over the role of kitchen staff and provider of food to the next newly awoken par of students. After a well-deserved break, the studying begins. I believe Kiki is getting tired of us, I do not blame her. We may not be as dedicated to our studies as we should be but, in my case, I like to believe I am not that far behind.

Right now, it is after dinner and I am going to sleep before work starts again. I want to update you that we in a day or so will arrive at the port but there is a risk that everything is on lookdown but personally, all I need is a supermercado to buy all there sweets and the possibility to go to the beach before I return to the presumably cold north.

With my best regards Marcus Andreasson


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