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The special day - 9/11

”Ja må hon leva,
ja må hon leva,
ja må hon leva ut i hundrade år… ”
we sang as we woke Maja J up from her sleep.
Maja looked very tired but happy and surprised since she received the present we had bought for her.

As you might have guest today is not a normal day because today it’s Maja Js and Anne-Lis birthday. A day full of work, jokes and food.

The clock was only 6 in the morning when we woke Maja up which explains her tired face. We had the morning assembly at 7 today instead of 8 since we could not run around in the interior of the boat when the constructor workers came in at 7. The construction workers are right now working on the big mess, and some bathrooms to get it done in time for our departure.

We spent the time before lunch with getting to know the boat, so we went on a safety tour and got to work in the kitchen a bit. Working outside all day makes you very cold, so it was nice to spend some time inside today. The afternoon we spent working on deck and in the rig, where we lifted up the sails and put them in place.

My favorite part of the day is always when we get to eat. There were a bunch of different dishes on the menu for the day. For lunch we had some beef with potatoes and sauce, and the vegetarians were served a vegetarian beef. To celebrate the birthday girls, we had a Swedish cake called “Silvia kaka" for the afternoon break. We were served to dinner was pasta in a pan with cheese, paprika and some corn in it. I give the food of the day a solid 6/10 since I liked that we had some cake, but I wasn’t to impress by the food this day.

The end of the day I spent with some of the girls on the boat watching a movie until we fell peacefully asleep.

Signe Wallin, Starboard


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