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The starry night

The day started off as usual when you’re at sea, our cabin got woken up at 11am. Feeling groggy as ever I stumbled out of my bunk and struggled as I reached for my clothes.

Still half asleep I climbed up the stairs and sat down to eat as I let out a heavy sigh. I ate my lunch and got ready to go on watch. The watch was calm and nothing special happened, it was just a regular day at the sea.

The watch went by quickly and then it was time to study. I changed into pyjamas and started studying, as usual I wasn’t very productive but at least I started reading a book. After a couple of hours studying, everyone was feeling very tired and I decided to go to sleep.

Our cabin got woken up about two hours later by somone telling us the sky was beautiful and that you could see all of the stars. At the time I didn’t think very much about what was said, it blew right over my head. But oh was I about to be reminded. I struggled the same as I did this morning, but I still managed to get out of bed for the second time this day. As I got ready down the corridor, I heard people shouting in the exit room as they were going out on deck. I headed up to the exit and put on my harness. William was right behind me as I headed out on deck I shouted “Theo on deck!” I stumbled out in the darkness as someone in fornt of said “look, look at the sky!”. I looked up and saw a night sky full of stars, it was beautiful. I stood there for a good minute just admiring the sky. I had never seen so many stars at once, it was truly stunning.

It was in fact a starry night.

Theo, port watch


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