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The sun is shining and so are you

I hope you're all feeling well and that you´re not freezing to death. Here in Malaga the weather is fantastic, the sun is shining and its approximately 25 degrees!

Hello everybody!

Firstly, today is Thursday and we have finally reached our first destination, unfortunately we were a little bit early so we had to anchor outside the coast of Malaga. The view of the city is stunning and especially at night when all the lights are shining. When I woke up today at 7 o´clock I almost blacked out the moment I saw the stars in the sky, they were extremely bright and so beautiful.

Today I had also the pleasure to be a “backis” which meant that I helped the chefs in the kitchen to cook and serve the food. Surprisingly I thought it was really exciting, because it was something new I haven´t done before. But it was one thing that was awful and that was the moulded carrots I were forced to take care of. It was terrible and the smell was disgusting! Anyway the job needed to be done and you cannot always do the easy stuff. Thankfully that was the only part of the day when I doubted on myself, the rest of the day was amazing. We just chilled on the boat and had some lectures and even if we didn’t do anything special I enjoyed every second.

Right now I am slowly swinging around in my bed, listening to the crushing waves and trying to understand how lucky I am. It´s a dream came true to be here, I´m really thankful for having this chance to discover the world. I close my eyes and I play all the lovely memories I have made for today. Moments when I have laughed with my friends in the sun and looked at the dark blue ocean and realised its real. This is real, I am real, everything is actually real and I´m living right now. I try to remind myself to catch the day and live for the moment, because it´s not always the sun is shining as bright as its shining right now.

With kind regards,

Alicia a.k.a Pranklicia


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