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The thrift shop street

Today we had our first school activity in New Orleans, it was a tour around the French quarter and Louis Armstrong park.

It was an amazing tour with great guides who answered all our questions and showed us all the cultural and historical places you should know about in these areas. My favourite was the Armstrong park. It has beautiful statues, fountains and lawns and a big concert building in the middle where almost every band in modern history has played. In the building people also had great parties, such as Mardi Grad parties, before it was struck by hurricane Katherina and filled with mold.

After the tour we went to a museum that showed the happening before, during and after Katherina in a captivating and touching way. It was an exhibit with light, sound and technical effects which made it very interesting.

After the museum me and a friend ate lunch before we went to magazine street where there were supposed to be a lot of thrift shops, but we found one. In two hours, we only found one. But we were happy nonetheless, it was a beautiful street to just walk. In the one thrift shop we found, we also found our classmates.

Together we took the bus back towards the boat and went to an odd concert in a park nearby. The concert was free and a family happening. People had brought picnics, chairs, blankest, family and friends and the were dancing, talking, laughing and having a great Wednesday evening. I was very tired and went home earlier than the others but the ones who stayed said it just got better and better.

Over all a great day filled with culture, history, shopping and music, and what more can you ever need? I hope you had an equally great day with whatever you filled your precious time with.

Over and out Karin Drake starboard.


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