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Third day at sea

I started the day with opening the day three hatches in my chocolate calendar and in my tea calendar. It is very cosy to open them because we got Christmas glitter and lights in the cabin that really gives me Christmas feeling.

Anyway, it`s the third day at sea, yester day the majority of the watches was affected by seasickness. Luckily, I didn’t get sick at all, so I was that person that was running around helping them who gotten sick. Today I didn’t get to be that person, because I was busy in the galley. It was Leo and me that worked together. We were a little sad because we missed when our watch furled the sails and we also missed to see a sea turtle.

In the galley at the dayshift we served other people lunch and at the nightshift we baked scones. Leo and I panicked in the middle of the baking because we realised that it was twenty breads in the oven that we had turned on ten minutes earlier. We thought that we had baked twenty breads by mistake. We had to go and wake Pontus (the chef). He told us that the breads already were baked and that everything was cool. The stress disappeared and we laughed about it.

We were done with everything in the galley fifteen minutes before the nightshift was over so we went out to the rest of the watch that was sitting on deck listening on Hans (the captain) playing violin. It was really nice, we all sat and watched the stars and listened to the music. We saw many shooting stars. You could see a new one like every fifth minute.

I am having a nice time here on Gunilla. The weather isn’t always good but it is what it is. Right now is it really wavy and I miss still and steady ground.

Olivia Brothèn starboard watch


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