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Thor has blessed us

Today is just another day on our voyage from Bermuda to Horta, Azores. The viking gods are and have been good to us. They have blessed us with clear skies, a pleasant sun and great winds.

If it continues like this we will arrive one day early, which would be great because that is another day on the Azores for us.

Me and my guard worked from 4-8 and then 16-20. Our officer felt like we did not have a lot to do, during our morning watch, so he told us to take down and set the sails a couple of times for fun, it was not fun. But we are becoming better and better at it and that makes it more and more fun, so maybe in a couple of days we will do it because it will be fun. The day watch was another story. We removed rust and painted over patches on the mast where rust had been removed. Later a dude decided to repaint the floor grey, like his hair. But the officer did not feel very satisfied with the dude's initiative. Therefore he was forced to clean it up.

After my second watch, my day took another turn. Me and some other people sat down and had a very intense game of Chicago, it was fun and I won. Some time after the game the other people came together and made up a plan. They lured me in to an empty cabin. When I walked inside they were ready with paperplanes and bombarded me with them. I fled to my cabin and hid there. I eventially felt safe again and went to bed.

This was my day, hope you had a great day too.

Sleep tight, good night.

//Mattias Bergland


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