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Those magical Gunilla-moments

Imagine you’re on a boat, a sailing boat, in a tropical hot environment, surrounded by friends, provided to develop into some special moments, don’t you think? 

You’re nothing but right. Onboard we get to experience moments we will remember for the rest of our lives. The night watches with the starry sky and crewmembers who sing and play instruments. The evenings in the cabins with all the laughs. And the amazing places we get to visit. We are truly living life as it should be lived, here onboard.

I had one of those moments this evening. After a long day of work in the kitchen and a couple of hours playing football, or soccer (we are in fact in the States so that’s maybe more accurate), together with the whole crew I decided to do a quick sunset-workout. The games and sports we play together is also one of those magical moments by the way, for sure a favourite of mine.

I worked out on main deck, where we got some weights and some other stuff so we can stay in shape. I was right in the mood, doing some exercises when I just stood there for a minute and took in the environment around me. It was a warm evening, laughs in the background from people practicing their lasso-skills (no, to throw rope like a lasso has absolutely nothing to with anything, and certainly not sailing), sun is setting in the horizon, pelicans flying around the boat, dolphins rolling just on the other side of the reeling and just happy times. By saying this I want to give you all a tip, a tip most of you training-freaks like me probably realised already, exercise often give back instantly, like this evening or the last voyage when I ran to the top of the cliff of Gibraltar, and not just in the long run.

Thank you for reading!

Adam Johansson, Midships-watch


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