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Through oil fields and fog

The day began at around half past 3 in the morning. We got to hear that the weather outside was quite harsh and that we should dress up in full gear.

The night had been a bit rough due to the massive waves of the North Sea sending us flying up and down in our beds throughout the night so we didn’t take the warning lightly. The rough night had also left its marks in other ways. All of us were really tired and getting up from the bed between the waves was a real challenge, nonetheless at 3:55 am we all stood lined up nicely on deck ready to go on watch.

The previous days had offered the sight of oil rigs rising above the sea in the distance with their burning flames but now they were nowhere to be seen, in fact, there was nothing to be seen at all! It was all replaced with a thick white fog and we were seemingly out of the oil fields. A quick look in the navigations centre confirmed this. We were now quite close to the Faroe Islands and pointing straight towards Iceland. The wind had died down a bit during the night and the waves weren’t as high as our last watch. Still we were doing good speed and if the speed could be kept we’d arrive in Iceland in just 4 days, way ahead of schedule. To kill some time the route might be changed to circle around the north of Iceland, through waters that contains tons of whales! That would be really fun to see, so I guess we’ll see if we see some whales or not. Other than that nothing really happened. As of now we’re a couple of days into our voyage but still have a long time to go, most of us have gone into a simple cycle of sleeping, going on watch, eating, studying and even more sleeping.

But as I’m writing this the clock is slowly approaching 16:00 which means our watch is about to begin, therefore I must end this blog, I hope you all back home are doing well because I think I speak for everyone aboard when I say that we are having a great time here and are really looking forward to Iceland.

-Fabian, Midships


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