Öckerö gymnasium

Thursday 25 may 2017

Today we ate hash of fried diced meat with onions and potatoes (Pyttipanna). I didn´t like it. AT ALL. It´s disgusting, really.

However, we ate pizza last night and it was fantastic, I loved it. My watch, worked today from 8-12 pm. I had really good tasks. I painted with Penguard, I climbed and fixed things with the sails. We sailed really fast today, at one point we went up to 12 knots! That´s really fast to be Gunilla.

Now everyone who´s got there shit together is studying chemistry. We have a report, that´s supposed to be handed in real soon. Some people are not studying tough, some of us is playing cards. Irresponsible, is what I would call it.

Ida Alverstedt


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