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Time to kill!

I was woken by the round-man at 03.30. When I woke up I didn’t know if it was in the morning or afternoon. I heard from my berth (bed), tired and confused, that we weren’t sailing anymore.

The round-man (the person who woke me up) said that they had set all sails, but hadn’t furled them (which means putting the sail on a yard with a rope). I instantly became unexcited, because I find furling scary (since we’re climbing up almost 30 meters in the air while the boat is rocking back and forth), it’s exhausting and most importantly - we don’t sail, which I see as one of the purposes of this school. After all, it’s called “Ockeros sailing gymnasium”, not “ Ockeros motorboat gymnasium”. I got happily surprised when I got up on deck and saw that we were actually still sailing! At first, we only had to furl two sails on the boat, these two sails happened to be the sails situated highest upon the mast. They are easiest to furl, because they’re very small, but they are also scariest since they’re situated so high up. I felt like the only way to overcome my fear was to challenge it, with that cause, I volunteered. It was dark and scary and I was definitely taking my time, but I made it! I felt proud of myself afterwards.

That morning, we also had some a lesson about downwind sailing, played hide and seek and made sails. Then I had breakfast and went to sleep. I never go to sleep after breakfast at home, I never even take naps. You’re forced to do it here though or else you’ll be extremely fatigued.

I had lunch at 11.40, then I sent some emails to my friends and family, studied french and ate a special three o’clock snack. Our two chefs, who have known each other for several years, had a competition of who could bake the best apple pie. A pretty good competition in my opinion, because it meant that we got to eat something sweet, which is highly valued on Gunilla. We got two different pieces of pie and voted for the most delicious one.

At four o’clock I had watch again. Earlier that day, the watch before us had seen whales. Unfortunately, I didn't see any. I’m happy though that there’s a chance of seeing some cool animals! The ocean was all calm and still. I expected Biscaya to be stormy and that we'd have a tough (and therefore fun) sailing. My expectations were wrong, but I don’t mind. At least people haven’t been seasick.

That night, I picked my directions for who I have to kill, where I have to do it and with what in a game called killer game . The game works as such that you get a person, and you’re supposed to kill this person on a specific location with an object that this person has to receive. For example, I can get the directions to kill my teacher Kiki in the kitchen with a book. To kill Kiki, I have to take her to the kitchen and she has to receive the book there. It’s an amusing game, even though I’m bad at these types of games, I’m looking forward to play it!

Agnes Alveros

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