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After five days on land we are sailing again. Second day on the sea and we already sleep more hours than we are awake.

Today was the second day that we sailed. It didn’t happen that much and it was a pretty still day. I had work between 8-12 and after that almost everyone in my watch went back to bed to get more sleep. We really do sleep between eight and thirteen hours per day and we are somehow still tired.

Around 2 o’clock we practiced what we would do if the boat were on fire. It went well, we all evacuated out on deck and then we all went up to the lifeboats to practice what we would do if we would need to evacuate the boat. It were pretty cold outside but it was bearable.

After that even more went to bed and some of us that were still awake sat in the half done messroom. Some watched a movie, some studied a little and some was even asleep. Even if its not done yet it is still cozy. Most of our time on the first trip we did, we spent in the messroom and even if it’s a renovation project on this trip we have already settled in.

Our days on the sea is not so interesting usually, sometimes something exiting happens or we do more work than we did today, but some days really go by so slow because nothing happens (like today). It was a good day anyway and on that note I’m saying good bye and wising you a good day :)

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