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Today we begin our voyage through the pandemic!

Stormy weather and rising waves over the deck. T/S Gunilla is moving forward with engine. During the afternoon the winds changed direction and we were ready to get some sails up. We were sailing between the Danish and the Swedish coast in 9 knops.

The seventh of September was the day that class finally returned to school again in order to be tested for Covid-19, after a lovely summer holiday and distance education. As we were waiting for the test response, we lived grouped in classrooms with our cabin roommates to keep the distance between each other. We slept two nights at school due to the test response being delayed. Wednesday morning, we found out that the whole class was healthy, there was a celebration with applause and long-awaited hugs. With a healthy crew we could bord T/S Gunilla in the port of Öckerö. When we came onboard the ship, we started to unpack our bags in the cabins. We also listened to safety reviews, climbed in the rig, practiced to furl sails and participated in a conflict handling.

On Friday it was finally time to untie the moorings from the quay and sail out on a test trip around Vinga with a technician. Later during the day, we took some photos by the quay. The photographer was there to take a school photo of us when we arrived at Öckerö again. After the photo shoot we stewed the food delivery that was stood on the quay on board. Then it was time set sail and get on course toward Lubeck. It was lovely to get out on the sea again, even though we had hard wind straight against us.

Right now, we are moving forward using engines trough two meters of high waves, rain and Gales. It was a little bit wet on our watch today. The water rushed over the deck, it was raining and the waves splashed over the bow, which was very mighty. It was also cosy because when I got down under the deck after my watch, I took a warm shower, had a cup of tea and then we were watching a movie together in the “big mess”. This sail has started just as I wanted with tough weather. The weather these first few days have been really nice and varied.

Today the sun has been shining. The winds have been against us so far. But this afternoon the winds were starting to turn, so we were able to get some sails up. We are sailing between the Swedish and the Danish coastlines and later in the evening we will pass the Öresund Bridge.

It´s been a great day at sea and I´m looking forward to more days like this one. I´m really excited about arriving in Lubeck and the coming days at sea.


Ida Gabrielsson, Starboard


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