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Too Good to Be True

The day offers a lot of fun and exciting activities. For example we had the first bathing stop with Gunilla this trip. Together with some sun, ice cream and other sweets during the day it becomes too good to be true!

The day started off perfectly with a sleep in and then an amazing brunch before leaving Funchal, Madeira. Once we got up on deck to admire the amazing view for the last time in this harbour we realised it was a sunny and cloud free sky. Considering our sweatpants and hoodies as outfits the only option was to bring ourselves down under deck again to put on some more proper clothing to match the weather. It was a very chill start of the day where it was sunny enough to put on some sunbathing and to read a good book in the front of the boat.

At one pm the pilots escorted us out of the harbour and Gunilla sat course towards Porto Santo which was going to be our next destination. Not long after we left the harbour we stopped for the first bathing stop with Gunilla this trip. It was an amazing feeling to jump into the crystal clear blue water. All though we all got a little bit scared when the captain told us it was over 100 meters deep water. That made us all feel very small compared to the ocean. We also launched Berit in to the sea which is the biggest of the two dinghy boats here on Gunilla and everybody got to go on a trip with Berit.

When you thought the day couldn’t get any better after a sun and bathing stop the chef tells us it´s time for some ice cream. It was the perfect moment because the sun was burning and we all wanted to cool down a bit before continuing the sailing trip towards Porto Santo. But sweet as we are we obviously can´t get enough sweets and the chef did not disappoint. About half an hour later we smelled new baked croissants which was served with chocolate sauce. I think it was the best croissants I have ever tasted. It sounds in this blog like everything we do is eating and that is correct. It doesn’t matter how often we eat, you always end up eating at every meal anyways. At eight pm it was Midskepps turn to go on watch for four hours and it was the best watch so far! It was a pretty chill watch so we had time to play some games between the work. They even served chocolate balls during the night watch.

To summarise this day you can easily say that it was too good to be true. An amazing day here on Gunilla with lots of fika! See you all in two weeks!

Moa V Midskepps Sa2023


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