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Trip to Azorerna

30 April 2022, I woke up 4.30 am, too early for my taste. We arrived in Mölndal (a part of Gothenburg) at 6 am to get on the busses. Half an hour later we were ready to depart! On the buss we sat with our bunkmates. Me and my bunkmate watched the first ice age movie while our seat neighbours watched the Kardashian.

After the movie was finished I was starting to get restless. The buss we were on was sweaty and uncomfortable with minimum air conditioning. Finally we arrived at a rest stop and got to stretch our legs, but far too soon we were on the road again towards Denmark. We still have 4 hours to go…what to do? I guess it’s time to start reading a book. I’m reading my childhood favourite Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. The view while we were on the buss was amazing, we saw all of Swedens landscape and since it was early morning the fog was rolling on the hills. We soon saw the beautiful ocean between Sweden and Denmark. When we finally arrived at the airport we tried to check in, but 54 Swedish students who don’t quite know what they are doing in a Danish airport isn’t the best mix. Once we understood how to check in we were on the plane in no time. The first flight to Lisbon wasn’t my favourite as I sat infront of everyone else alone with a random man and I didn’t even get a window seat. The second plane was a lot more fun, I sat with two others from my class and played cards the entire time, I still didn’t get a window seat but from what I could tell the view was amazing. When we neared the island everyone was getting out of their seats trying to get a look. The weather was great and as soon as we arrived att T/S Gunilla everyone changed from pants to shorts. We ate spaghetti and Bolognese and after dinner we went on deck and looked att the nighttime city. We were right across from the main part of the city. It was getting late and everyone was tired of the long day of travels, and everyone was tucked into bed shortly. The day was great and I can’t wait until I get to explore the island!

Sofia A


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