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T/S Gunillas commands are easy

Today at our first watch I was post and I started as lifeguard, so I stood there waiting for someone to throw themselves into the water, luckily no one did.

An hour or two into the watch we turned up against the wind and did a 360 degrees turn. After the watch I went down to do some studies as usual, but l was not in the mood for studies so I red about boats instead. It was really interesting; I can proudly say that I almost know every command of Gunilla.

Later that evening on our night watch when I stood as lookout I saw a huge wall at the horizon and it kept growing bigger and bigger as we sailed with the wind. The wall was now right in front of me and I noticed that the huge wall was no wall, it was fog that had now surrounded us, I couldn’t see more then 20 meters ahead of me so our watch leader gave me a torch so I could see a bit better, but still the sight was quite horrible.

After an hour or two we finally got out from the fog and Portugal was in sight, I got really exited when I saw the lights that lit up Lisbon, it was spectacular and satisfying to know that we would soon have firm ground under our weary feet. AYE, YE LANDLUBBER!

The lasagne that was served tasted really good and I ate almost four portions of it, I don’t think that I’ve ever been that stuffed.

Well well, good night and sweet dreams.

Arvid, portside


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