Öckerö gymnasium

Tuesday may 31 on T/S Gunilla

Todays work was amazing because our weather is incredible here, but the
wind could be better though. The ocean has been flat the whole day which
means we can't sail at all. We're hoping that we're getting better and
more wind tonight or tomorrow because all 44 students are looking
forward to visiting Bremerhaven.

I can tell you everyone who reads this that we´re smelling like shit out
here on this sailingboat. All those chemicals we ´ re using day in day
out real are really inside of our clothes. I´m glad that my mom printed
this sentence in my head before we left Sweden "Do not take care of -
clothes with you, everything will be dirty and nausty". I understand
what she meant with that now. My white T-shirts are black and my nails
are too. My hands are so dry and rispy that I could file down a
housewall made of stones, you know... you´ll not hold my hand right now,
I swear!
I want more windy weather so we can sail the whole way to Germany now..
I have nothing more to write about.. I´m so tired so I think I should go
to sleep now before my next working-time 00-04.

// From a 00-04 working student Tilde


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