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Tuesday on the North Sea

We are now 70 nautical miles away from Denmark’s, west coast. Now we are sailing with almost full set up. We are doing around 7-8 knots with the course 035 and we have a wind around 16 knots.

We began the morning watch to take up our big sail. Then we shifted the rows hard to starboard. After a while I saw on the wind speedometer that the wind was below 20 knots and under 20 knots we can have our two top sails up. So, I asked the captain if we could set it on the foremast and we could. When the foremast top sail was up. I asked him again if we could set the top sail on the mainmast, and we could. When both top sails were up I asked for the third time if we could set a staysail between the masts and we could. With these three sails up, we had raised the speed with 1 knot.

The crew is happy, and we are happy so the feeling on board is very good. I think everybody is looking forward to come home.

See you on Saturday!

Hugo johansson.


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