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Twelve days to go

Only twelve days left on our first trip with Gunilla1 We have had fun everyday here in Málaga with beautyfull trips, and tomorrow we are starting our sail to Safi in Marocko.

Today was the last day here in Málaga, the time has flown by so fast. We only have twelve days left before we are going home and handing over Gunilla to the next class. It feels kinda boaring, because we have fun every day, but on the same time it feels great to come home to friends and family.

Tomorow we are going to have our last sailing. It feels a little strange, because it feels like we have only been on Gunilla for about two weeks. We all have our ruitins and when we are going home it´s going to feel so strange to not going up six in the morning or in the middle of the night. We are also going to change watches and starbord are going to have the 8-12 watch, witch I think is going to be super fun with many beautyfull watches.

In Málaga we have had nice wether everyday and we have been on the beach, walking around in the beautyfull city and we have all made an excursion to the beautyfull city Ronda, where we could discover the city by ourselves. We have also been playing paintball, thanks to Eskil who disposed the activity.

Finally I would just say that it has been a nice stay here in Málaga with nice weather and nice experiences.

Emilia, starbords watch


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