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Two birthdays... And one death

We’re leaving Charleston and soon we’ll be out on the open sea again, our harbor schedule is replaced with a sailing schedule. This means that the three groups (Babord, Styrbord and Midskepp) will take turns to control the boat in periods of 4 hour (8-12, 12-At sea, the waves surrounding the boat constantly move until something stops them. The same can be said about time, where minutes, hours and days pass until something, an event or happening of importance or unusualness, stops it. Today is one of those days were time mostly drifted by, though stopping for three events. Two birthdays, and one death.4 och 4-8) both night and day until we arrive in Bermuda.

Being on this boat for two months, the chance of celebrating at least a couple of birthdays, is on the likely side of probability. Today there was no less than two of them, making this day a special one. Martin, a good friend and student, and Camilla, portside’s watch leader, both got one year older. As the rule goes the birthday kid gets to choose dinner, Martin going with a good choice of steak, garlic butter, and oven baked/roasted potatoes. Feeling a hint of seasickness I did not eat too much having future consequences in mind, though I could see the quality taste by looking at it from a distance.

As the title states though, everything wasn’t celebration and joy this day. Our loyal bird and friend, Gandalf, sadly passed away after 4 days onboard. Trying to feed him with bread, fish and water for days he would not eat, eventually starving to death. Leaving Charleston he became more and more used to being around humans everyday. Thinking about it afterwards, I wonder why he didn’t fly away earlier or why he chose not to drink or eat. Maybe he felt hopeless and lost and just gave up, or maybe he just wasn’t strong enough to keep going wherever he was going. Maybe he got seasick and lost appetite like some of the rest us. There’s no sure answer, but to conclude, a somewhat tragic happening.

Other than what’s already stated, we’re currently doing 10 knots hopefully making up for the slow days behind us. Bermuda here we come!

Best regards,

Nils Backman



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