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Two days left

Now it’s only two days left and things have finally been approaching their end. I assume that you all have red it before in my classmate’s blogs but it is clear to see here on board. It is a strange suite, everyone wants nothing else but to come home, in same time that no one wants to leave.

Just because it’s so few days left I try to enjoy every last moment. It is easy to take all the everyday stuff for granted when you have been here so long but I think that I will miss it a lot when I get back home. Not only being out on the sea, but also the whole thing of being trapped 55 persons on a boat. There is something special with always being surrounded by people. Even if it is often really hard to always think about everyone else before you think about yourself it is also nice doing everything together and sharing all these bright moments.

Today’s night watch was nothing out of the ordinary. On starboard we had Cuba and on the portside we had Bahamas. We were sailing across a traffic separation zone so there were many lights on the big blue sea. We spent most of the watch laying down watching the night sky that was full of bright stars. We were all pointing at star falls and different star constellations to the sound of hard rock coming out of the navigation cabin.

After the watch me and Ida did some studies in the big mess. We were all alone in the room because the others were sleeping. Even if the big mess was a real mess, though they were cleaning the fan room it was pretty calm. Me and Ida watched some pictures that she had taken during the trip and we got reminded of everything fun that we had done and all the beautiful things that we had seen.

At 10.30 I went up on deck for sunbathing, it was pretty cloudy so I brought my laptop up and started studying in the sun until 04.00 pm when my watch started. Me and Nellie worked in the kitchen. We cooked spaghetti Bolognese for dinner and it was really tasty. We had a nice time listening to music while working.

When the watch was over I went down to bed and me and my roommates had a really fun time storytelling about the day in our room. In fact we were laughing so loudly that another girl came and asked us about what was so funny.

Ellen Blixt


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