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Two days since egg and bacon

It’s Tuesday today, I know that because it was egg and bacon breakfast for two days ago, we just eat egg and bacon breakfast on Sundays. That’s our way to keep track on the days here on Gunilla.

Although, today I woke up more tired than usually and it has an explanation, yesterday we turned the clock one hour forward which means that I got to sleep just seven hours instead of eight. Anyway now at sea I got the “eight to twelve” shift which means that I woke up about 07.30 am.

Yesterday we went by engine, and today more wind came so we decided to turn off the engine and set all the sails. Then the wind stopped so Hans, the captain told us to dowse all the sails back to how they were before, so we climbed up to the sails and dowse them.

Just when we thought everything was fine the wind came again. So once again we climbed up to set the sails. later we heard that the other watch dowsed all the sails, so it felt like we did everything for no reason.

But anyway at the end of our watch we had a relief with Starboard, on the relief we sang happy birthday because Janne turned 19. After that it was quite calm, we had lunch, some lessons and that was quite it. Then it was time for watch again and we had so much fun. Sofia our watch leader had made a homemade scrub that she surprised us with. She told us to go to de back of the boat. At the back of the boat we found the scrub, a bucket with hot water and some towels. It was time for spa, the scrub was for our hands, Sofia thought we had to give us some self-treat because we had worked so hard. After the spa we played a rope game, everybody stand in two lines we had two teams over bed vs under bed. The point of the game is to find the rope Sofia tells us to find the first one who finds the right rope get one point. It was really fun even though my team lost.

It was a calm but cozy day and soon we will arrive in Bermuda where the beach is waiting for us.

Irma Kasper Midships


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