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Under power

There are eight days left of this trip, and until NASJD1922 are signing off T/S Gunilla. Most of the days are just maintenance work and cleaning.

We can’t sail since the headwind, so the ship is going under power. It’s
a bit boring yet chill at the same time, because we don’t have to haul or flake and we can just sit on the quarterdeck and talk for hours. But the nights are freezing since you're not climbing nor lowering the sails.

Port side watch got called at 3:30 by Edvin, who’s literally our personal ”caller”. It takes at least five tries before anyone in the watch even sits up in their beds, and that’s what Edvin has understood. He also has that good harsh tone in his voice that you need around that time in the morning, and he has been calling us
everyday during this sealeg. I was ”backis”, which at sea means that two people from the watch helps the chefs in the galley. Today it was time for Viktor and I to fix the morning-fika for port side watch. We also made hot chocolate. We made 5 liters but the watch only drank four of them, so Viktor and I put the last liter
of chocolate in the fridge for the chefs. During morning watch 4-8 am you have to clean the microwave and make breakfast at 6:30 am for midship watch.

The sunrise at 7:40 am was beautiful and cool at the same
time. The clouds were in a babyblue color, which covered the sun in a pretty way. There were pink and yellow stripes behind the clouds horizontally, and everything looked pretty together. I tried to get a picture of it, but as always it looks different from the reality. During the ”line up” we had our daily competition against midship watch. Oscar and Vidar competed in who is the fastest at coiling. Oscar from my watch won!

I ate cereals with yoghurt for breakfast and then I went to bed and slept for a few hours, until it was time for lunch at 11:50 am. It was pasta with spinach and vegetables with shrimps. After that, me and my cabin had some fun talk about our families and friends while eating lollipops. Hanna in my cabin tried out a lollipop she had gotten from the family she stayed with in Barcelona. It had four flavors and it was huge with a gum on the inside, which clearly didn’t taste good since she spat it out a few chews later.

I started writing on this blog during the first lesson of the day, while listening to music. I also did some English grammar that Anna, the DoS, had brought to Gunilla from Sweden, which we students have to finish before we have arrived to Malaga.

At 15:40 pm, we had a meeting on quarterdeck where we found out that we will have a competing day tomorrow, on Thursday. I got really excited since the watches will compete against each other. During our night watch (more like afternoon watch), Hanna Hakeröd and I sew a chafing gear on a hawser while the
others cleaned in the workshop. We laughed a lot and talked about what we will do when we get home from Gunilla.

We’re currently going under power instead of sailing because it’s headwind, so we’re doing a lot of maintenance work and cleaning for our sign off.

Hannah Jisland, port watch
20 November 2019


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