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Unpredictable weather, typical for La Coruña?

A new Friday morning was rising, the time had just passed 7.50 am. I looked through my wardrobe as fast as I could, hoping I would find my grey undergarment. I crossed my fingers hoping that they would lie there among my other clothes that I wear during watch. Luckily they did!

The grey one is my favorite, it is made out of cotton and keeps me warm during the watch hours on deck. Isa who just woke me up explained that the weather outside is freezing and rainy today.

  • Good morning, the time is 7:50 is everyone awake? I turn on the light!

Even though I would describe myself as a ”morning person” this specific morning, the doorknock felt tougher than usual. My first guess is that it probably had to do with the lack of sleep that has been accumulating in the last few days.

During my watch the weather changed within only a ten minute interval, for one moment the sun was shining, some small drops of sweat began to stream down my forehead and my understock started to feel itchy and uncomfortable to wear. Ten minutes later, out of nowhere it started to hail and chilly raindrops poured down my forehead instead. Torben the captain of Gunilla described the unpredictable weather as something very typical for waters in the region around La Coruna, he also mentioned a parallel with an area around the city of Bergen (Norway) that has a similar climate pattern.

I still sometimes find myself in a feeling of unreality, sitting here in my pretty cramped bunk bed in cabin eight writing this english blog. I hear the navigator outside my door talking about our next destination, the capital of Portugal, Lissabon. It's my first trip with Gunilla, it has been a little more than three weeks now and another three weeks are remaining. Most things onboard are new to me, it's complicated with all ”boat terms” and challenging to get used to all the new routines. At the same time, even though scary and difficult, it is also one of the most exciting moments throughout my life so far. I really like the mix of new challenges and routines and it is almost hard for me to understand that I am finally a part of this unique school now.

Villemo Bryngelsson


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