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Waiting for the green light

The wind is strong and is coming in perfectly from starboard.

It is still to windy to swim from the boat and we have just received the alarming news that there are no beaches in Belize City but at least we are sailing. 75 degrees off course and without sails that is and at a speed of one knot.

The promise of arriving earlier and anchor outside Belize which every student at ÖSG knows is the best is broken and I'm thinking about committing mutiny. Now I'm guessing you are wondering why, at least I did. Well the reason that we are practically standing still is that we have been sailing too fast and even though we are not staying in the harbor we still need a pilot to take us to the position where we are going to anchor which means no anchoring earlier.

Since we are not using the sails we can not tar the rig and that means that we spent the whole day tying protection for the wires. On these dull days there is one thing that adds a little excitement. The new hot topic of the green flash. The phenomenon that is believed by some in midships to appear right before the sun rises and sets. While some are left in the blue, or green maybe, others know better than to believe in myths and to my relief we have yet not seen a singel green flash. However I have over a month to be convinced it exists.

Now we are all hyped for Belize and even though it is boiling hot and it looks like it is going to be another two weeks before we get to swim there is one thing that brings a little light to the horizon, and no green light for your information. It is national women's day tomorrow and maybe just maybe we can hope for something sweet for our three o'clock snack. So happy women's day!

Cassandra Thorman



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