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Wale in sight

We in port started our day at 11.00 am when we were woken up. For most people 11.00 am is a pretty late time to wake up but for us in the 12-4 watch, we get less sleep than we usually would get. We get about 7 hours of sleep, if we’re lucky.

When we started our watch at 12, we suddenly saw something moving in the water, about 50 meters from the ship. It turned out to be a wale! Everyone got really exited because we had’nt seen any earlier on this trip. Something that was kind of funny, was that we only saw the top of the wale and a tiny fountain of water that came out from it, but still one of the students called the wale “really cute” and everyone laughed.

We also had a birthday kid on board, it was our watch leader My. She turned 22, which meant that we got mudcake for “fika”. For you who don´t know what fika is, its a Swedish everyday-tradition, a small meal between meals that contains coffee or tea, sandwiches, and sometimes something sweet like for example mudcake.

After the watch we had lessons and a short dinner break, and then we got lessons again. This is the normal schedule for us in the port watch. Its the small things like getting to eat mudcake or seeing a wale that makes our day a little bit more special.

Josefin, portside


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