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Waterfalls and doritos

We have just sailed over the Atlantic ocean so you think we may be tired and longing for sleep but then you’re wrong, our first day in Grenada was packed with fun adventures and doritos from 12:00-22:00.

We arrived in Grenada after 16 days at sea about 10:00 o’clock and went out in the beautiful city Saint Georges right after lunch, we didn’t want to miss a second here!

The first thing we did was actually to find a supermarket and buy doritos, sounds weird but i think me and Julia talked about doritos so much over the Atlantic that we started dreaming about them, that first bite was a bite of heaven.

Our only plan for the day was to visit seven sisters falls which is a group of waterfalls in the rainforest here in Grenada. We went to a fruit market in the middle of the city and bought some bananas and a fruit called ”golden-apple” that a old lady showed us and they were amazing! Then we found a taxi and argued down a very cheap price that took us to the seven sisters falls!

When we arrived we had no idea where to go, we just stood there, four girls lost in the rainforest looking for waterfalls. A man named Kelly who owned the bar there must have seen how lost we were cause he happily asked if we wanted a guided tour down to the falls! The forest was beautiful and we went straight down for about 10 minutes on a small trail.

After a while you could here water pour and then, a few steps ahead, the waterfall showed. We almost jumped out of our shoes and clothes and got in the water, and i have never been in any water like that before, it was so fresh that you could drink it! Two waterfalls later we hiked back up and went back to Saint Georges and met up with our friends at the beach near the harbor and enjoyed our third bath that day.

This may be one of my favorite days yet this trip but i still see more days like this to come:)

Best regards

Cajsa, midships watch


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