Öckerö gymnasium

We are sailing

17 sails yesterday and now we might have 12. Sunday we are planning to arrive.

For two days we have seen nothing but just sails, waves and happy faces on deck.

I´m in starboard watch and we started out day with some work in the rig. The whole working component of the group climbed up and started to loosen some of the two million ropes at this boat. Personally I was pretty angry on the alphabetic order system but my friends calmed me down and I think we all had a fun and hard working time.

Right now we are in the extremely dangerous Bermuda triangle, and it turns me sick that I don’t even seen a single bloodthirsty shark. Not even a tornado or sea beast could they offer me. Some of us (not me of course with my danger wishes) saw a hammer shark. What kind of triangle of Bermuda is this! As well it could be the fact that I’m a danger eater but generally I would say that the myth is extremely overrated.

How ever, I will also tell you fellow family’s and friends to my casemates or so that you can call a couple of minutes on Facebook’s messenger.

However, we are running under bare poles and I think we had 17 sails yesterday and now we might have 12. Sunday we are planed to arrive and starboards watch will work on the boat. We are moving over smooth water and tiny waves.

Today was a great day. I miss my loved once but I have a great time and I cant wait to meet my family, friends and the love of my life even though I never want to leave.

Ivar Hernqvist,


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