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Weather wishes from Gunilla

Today has been a really hot day. It’s has been around 30 degrease celsius for around two weeks but today there was no wind to cool us down.

The first hour I was sweating as if I was doing a workout in a sauna, it was crazy! After an hour and a half of the watch everything changed, strong winds and tough seas came over Gunilla and the sky was covered in dark clouds.

When we went out on our night watch, the wether had made a total shift and the wind was even stronger and the waves lifted the boat up and down like a rollercoaster in the darkness. We had a really good watch, talked about wired things and did the ”head shoulder knees and toes” song and dance to stay awake.

The other day we saw a special circle around the moon, and our watch leader read that it stood for bad weather, and google sure was right! After a couple of days with barely no wind, it’s nice to finally get some good sailing!

Emma Lindahl



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