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On Gunilla we have this box of shame. If you forget something in a room where it shouldn’t be, it magically ends up in the box of shame.

8Right now, my briefs are on the top of the almost full box, and I have absolutely no idea how they got there. Having your briefs in the box of shame is kind of weird, I can admit that, but I believe it represents just how weird my day have been.

My weird day started with my friend and I being late to the morning gathering, and that made me feel a little bit weird. But it got worse, I was not only being late but, late wearing only one shoe. Since I woke up with stress I couldn’t find my other shoe. So, there I stood, late with only one shoe feeling weird for the first time of today. The first of many.

With the morning gathering done, the next thing on the program was meeting up with our new friends from Portsmouth’s Grammar School. The school we visited yesterday. Together with them we all went to The Mary Rose museum. I great museum with a great guide. But still I felt really weird. Since I was late to the morning gathering I didn’t have time to eat any breakfast and that made me feel pretty weird, but thank God, they served fish and chips at the museum. I love fish and chips, I really do. I love it so much that I didn’t even question the fact that it would be my third portion of fish and chips in under 24 hours. Which now that I think of, is immensely weird.

Done at the museum we all walked back to our boat to show our new friends our school, T/S Gunilla. We had a great time guiding them around, getting to know each other and eating delicious pie. But believe it or not, I still felt weird. I tend to do that when there are lots of people. When the Portsmouth’s Grammar School students left I went out with my friends to interview people about Brexit. Some people started acting weird when we interviewed them and that made me feel
weird as well.

Now I believe it’s time to go and get my briefs from the box of shame and that will probably make me feel weird. Goodnight, sleep tight, hope your day wasn’t as weird as mine. WAIT! The briefs weren’t even mine. And therefore, I am not feeling weird right now! Woohooo goodnight.

William Andreasson, midships


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