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Welcome to Cuba!

Waking up with a smile on your face. Getting ready for an exiting day in Cuba! And then, all your expectations of experience a hot beautiful country falling into pieces just like a mirror crashing on to the floor.

I woke up just before lunch, at 11 o’clock and started to prepare for an exciting day in Havana. I put on a pretty skirt and packed my bag. I had never been so ready in my life. Just after the lunch on the boat we thought we were going out in the city, to explore Havana. Oh well that didn’t happen, because the port guard didn’t allow us to leave the boat. So we were stuck on Gunilla for the whole day. The positive thing about that was that we had extra time to sleep! When ever we get the chance to sleep, we don’t hesitate at all!

We were all in a bad mood that day but at least we have each other. The day ended with us sitting in the front of the boat, drinking coffee and listening to the guys who know how to play the guitars!

Tilde, styrbord


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